profileI’m a stay at home physicist, adjunct professor and ex-homeschooling parent.  I went to a rural school from K-12 and was bored to tears.  When I learned about homeschooling,  I realized that I was homeschooled even though I attended public school.  Just about everything I learned was from reading books at home or helping with our family business, and just experiencing real life. I have a PhD in Physics and was a physics professor when my first child was born.  For the last 12 years or so I have been teaching science classes in my home for small groups of homeschoolers and I share what we do in these classes on this website. I homeschooled my boys all the way through school and they are both now in college (one finishing a BS in Physics and the other just starting a BM in Film Scoring).

I have posted about my classes for over  4 years, and though I’m still teaching, I won’t be posting each week since it would mostly be repeat information at this point and I now spend most of my time  teaching physics and astronomy at the local community college.

Big History Science/Astronomy 2019-2020- High school & middle school

High School Biology 2018-2019

Middle School Biology 2018-2019

High School Physics Round 2 – 2017-2018 (ages 14-17)

Science Fusion Physics Class – 2017-2018 (ages 11-13)

Honors Highschool Chemistry Class – 2016-2017 (ages 13-17)

Introductory Chemistry Class – 2016-2017 (ages 10-13)

Real Science Odyssey Physics class – Summer 2016 (ages 8-12)

Honors Highschool Physics Class -2015-2016  (sophomores)

Big History Science Class – 2015-2016 (ages 9 – 13)

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