profileI’m a stay at home physicist and homeschooling parent.  I went to a rural school from K-12 and was bored to tears.  Now that I’ve been homeschooling for over 12 years (oldest son is off to college!)  I realize that I was homeschooled even though I attended public school.  Just about everything I learned was from reading books at home or helping with our family business, and just experiencing real life. I have a PhD in Physics and was a physics professor when my first kid was born.  For the last 9 years or so I have been teaching science classes in my home for small groups of homeschoolers and I plan on sharing what we do in these classes on this website.

I also have extensive boards on Pinterest where I put all the cool experiments and links I have tried, or want to try in class or with just my kids.

Check out my son’s blog, Spark Movie Reviews, its a good place to go when you’re looking for something to watch, he’s got reviews of movies and tv shows.  His blog started from taking the Movie Club class at Bravewriter.

My other son inherited an old 8 inch telescope last summer and posted about fixing it up and some of his astronomical observations, its called Ryglark Astronomy.  If you’re interested in astronomy, I highly recommend looking for a local astronomy club. We’ve become very active in ours and have participated in outreach star parties at local schools and parks.

I haven’t quite figured out how to group old blog posts so I’m making a new post for each class that should have all the links on one page.

High School Physics Round 2 – 2017-2018 (ages 14-17)

Science Fusion Physics Class – 2017-2018 (ages 11-13)

Honors Highschool Chemistry Class – 2016-2017 (ages 13-17)

Introductory Chemistry Class – 2016-2017 (ages 10-13)

Real Science Odyssey Physics class – Summer 2016 (ages 8-12)

Honors Highschool Physics Class -2015-2016  (sophomores)

Big History Science Class – 2015-2016 (ages 9 – 13)

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