Both my classes went on a wildflower hike with a local ranger today.  We started at a Native Garden and students were given a list of 10 native plants to locate in the garden and then pick one to sketch.  We then walked 2 miles into the park looking for the plants we had seen at the Native Garden.  Ranger Amy gave us additional information on the plants and history of the park as we walked.  She also discussed native versus non-native plants, including Eucalyptus trees, which can be found throughout the park and our town. We also saw a coyote, a couple of deer, turtles and tracks in the mud from a skunk. Here are some photos from our adventure.

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I highly recommend contacting your local parks department and making connections with the rangers. They enjoy having the kids to the park and the cost for a ranger-led program is very reasonable. High School students were asked to read the chapters in their textbooks on Plant Diversity this week and watch