IMG_9427Half my students were absent today so we had a game day (state testing…blah).  We played periodic table battleship, built molecules with snatoms and one of the students brought  Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game. Battleship is easy to set up and you can find it all over the web.  I liked this handout from the Tech Museum.  I used a periodic table  from because I wanted a bit of color but not too much information.  The kids called out various information, atomic number, symbol, element name or period and group numbers.  The only thing we did different than the handout was the kids drew their own battleships on the top table since it was harder for their opponent to see and it was easier to mark off their misses and hits on the bottom table.


I really like the microsnatoms kit but it doesn’t come with any instructions for building molecules so I searched the web and found this nice worksheet above (its in the middle of this file Atoms and Molecules – Micron).  I also used a few pages from this file, Molecule Building! for vinegar (below) and sugar molecules.  The periodic table battleship was a big hit and I’m going to keep those handy for future classes.