This class was a slightly simpler version of the high school class.  We started out watching Crash Course Chemistry on the Periodic Table. I stopped it  a few times and we discussed the different groups and I drew electrons in the different shells for some of the groups.

Then we did a quick run through of the Coloring the Periodic Table Families slideshow that can be found on  And it looks like she already updated that slideshow, I really need to go check her website before class to get the latest stuff!  I did not have the kids color as we went through the slideshow.  When we were done with the slideshow I taped a copy of a periodic table to my whiteboard and we all colored in the different families together and made a legend.  img_5111

I also gave out this really cool periodic table with pictures for each element showing what the element is used for, and had them tape that in the back of their book for easy reference. The website,, where I found this has quite a few nice printables, including element cards.img_5112

The last thing we did was a worksheet called Periodic Table Notes: Determining # of shells and valence electrons from (again the link goes to an updated version of the file I used).  Just like the high school class this made the students take a close look at the periodic table, looking up elements and finding their period, # of shells, their group number and # of valence electrons.

Great apps for playing around with atoms and elements include the NOVA Elements app where you can add the correct number of protons and electrons to make a particular element and of course the Elements app by TouchPress is beautiful.