No lab for this class, it was more of an interactive notebook day.  The Modern Chemistry curriculum comes with some labs (online) and they have one, The Mendeleev Lab of 1869, where you give the students some elements with data like density, reactivity with water, softness, conductivity, etc. img_4826 Most of the elements are labeled by name, but some are labeled unknown and the students have to figure out what they are by constructing a periodic table with the known cards and figure out where the unknowns fit in.  The filling in of the cards took up more time than I hoped so we didn’t get to all three activities that I had planned but I think having to lay out the cards  into a periodic table and really look at the properties of each element to place their unknowns was useful.  All three groups identified their elements correctly.

Then we moved on to coloring the periodic table, and this activity, Chapter 9: Periodic Table is from Science Interactive Notebooks: All About Atoms by Stephanie Elkowitz, which I purchased from  Again, its mainly an exercise to get students to really look at the periodic table and become familiar with it.img_4828

Before class I recommended students watch these videos:

I keep showing this video to my students hoping one of them will try to memorize it.