RSOOver Memorial Day, Pandia Press had a sale on their curriculum and I couldn’t resist buying the Real Science Odyssey (RSO) Physics Level 1.  My kids are way too old for it but whenever I talk about my science classes in the local homeschool community its always the parents of 8-10 year olds that are the most interested in science classes. So I bought it and we start the class tomorrow.  Physics is the easiest subject for me to teach, having taught it at the college level and many times over the years as a homeschooler, so it shouldn’t involve too much prep work and I can usually just go with whatever RSO suggests as an activity.  Previously, I’ve had to adapt or change some labs/lessons because the kids would have already done them, but this class is a whole new crop of kids so we’l just start at the beginning and work our way through.  As with my other classes I’l post what we do each week.

I’ve also started working on the fall science classes.  We’re going to do High School Chemistry using Chemistry the Central Science by Brown (12th edition – not the latest edition, so we can get it cheaper) and the middle school class will use the free Middle School Chemistry curriculum by the American Chemical Society.  I’l post more about those as I get my crap together.