I always like to have my students give at least one presentation a year, its more fun than writing a paper and they still have to research their topic and figure out how to present it to the class.  Today the students presented ancient civilizations.  We had a couple of posters (Rome & Greece) and 4 slide shows, including some youtube videos which I’l post below.


The three girls above, one sporting a Roman hair-do (bonus points!), made this great poster board that showed off the architecture of Rome, some of the rulers, food, art and even clothing. IMG_3738.jpg

The students above talked about the location of Greece, the Olympics, food, language and their form of government, Democracy.  One of our regular students is actually traveling through Greece as part of his homeschooling, you can find his blog here.

The other presentations on the Inca, Japan, India and the Vikings were slide shows so I don’t have any photos, but here are some of the videos they shared with the class.

I wasn’t sure how long the presentations would take so I had added a few extra videos on my playlist incase we finished early but we actually took almost the full two hours on the kids presentations. So here are a few extra videos if you’re interested.