DSCF5013Last week we had a special guest to our Big History Class, a Native American Storyteller that I happened to meet at an archery range a few years ago.  He has come to my class before and we’ve had him tell stories at our 4-H Community Club meetings. For our class last week he told stories about how the earth came to be and why certain animals look like they do.  He also told the students that storytellers were important because way back when they didn’t have a written language so the way information was passed on, was by telling stories.  Most (all?) of his stories involve fur people and he gets the kids involved in the stories by acting them out with his collection of animal hides (I believe all the hides are from road kill, and other animals that passed away naturally).

At the end he asked the kids to tell him stories and I think they enjoyed that just as much as listening to his stories.DSCF5030