I saw a post on Facebook about giving a child a new book each day in December and thought what a great idea!  My kids are too old for this and only read ebooks on their iPads but I started thinking about some of our favorite picture books from when they were younger.

61rMNeQ4q3L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_  Parts, and it sequels by Tedd Arnold is a hysterical look at a young kid who thinks he’s falling apart when he notices his hair on his comb, is it all falling out! and belly button lint – his stuffing is coming out!  The writing is great, very similar to Dr. Seuss with its rhythm and rhyme, which makes it fun to read aloud.

The next book is one my kids and I still make jokes about and quote, though I’m sure no one around us ever understand why we’re saying, “I have a jar. Do you have a jar?” 1318100The book is called The Happy Hocky Family moves to the Country by Lane Smith.  It was a gift from grandma for my eldest’s 4th birthday and it was an instant hit.  The Hocky family moves from the city to live in the country and the book shows the problems they have adapting to country life with some very simple pictures and very brief statements that hit the funny bone just  right.  This book has been on our shelf for over 11 years and there it will remain.

91rE2vRRtJLIf Everybody Did by Jo Ann Stover is another book we read over and over and over again. The illustrations are the key to this book about what would happen if everybody… picked flowers (a whole meadow of empty stalks), smashed cups (room full of broken cups) etc.  I can’t find my copy of the book, I think I may have given it to a friend, or stashed it with the Dr. Seuss books.  Its a funny way to get the point across to kids why they shouldn’t pick flowers, or leave toys about, squish the cat, etc.