I found a good documentary from BBC on Netflix for plate tectonics, so we started class by watching the first 30 minutes of the Volcano episode of Earth: Power of the Planet.  It can also be found on youtube.

I also showed the Alfred Wegener vs The Fixists (Continental Drift)  Science History Rap Battle done by a 6th grade class from San Jose.

And a Minute Earth: Plate Tectonics Explained:

I didn’t show this one in class, but its another nice video on Pangea and plate tectonics.

After the movies the students spent the next hour coloring in a flip book that when finished, shows the continents moving from Pangea to their present day location.  They also cut out the continents to form puzzle pieces and put them together to form Pangea by looking at the fossil evidence and their shapes.  Both of these activities I found online. The flip book can be found on Purdue’s website and is called “Voyage through Time: A Plate Tectonics Flipbook”.  A simpler version of the continent puzzle can be found on the USGS website but searching a little more I found this link, A Plate Tectonic Puzzle – American Museum of Natural History, that is a more complete puzzle. I was a bit worried they would revolt about the coloring the flip book- my hand hurt when I did the whole thing –  but they sat around the table talking about everything under the sun… you know socializing! while they colored.coloring flip book