the martianMy boys and I finished the audio book of The Martian last night and I can easily say that’s the best audio book I’ve ever listened to.  The story is fantastic, the main character Mark Watney is fantastic and the narrator, R.C. Bray does an amazing job.  Yes, there is swearing in this audio book, but the man is stuck on Mars, and I’m pretty sure my language would be a lot worse than his.  If there’s any situation where swearing is appropriate its this book.  My boys 12 and 15 had no problem following along with this audio book and we all really enjoyed it.  Lots of laugh out loud moments with Mark Watney’s wise-ass remarks – many of which can be found on page of The Martian Quotes.  If you have  some science/space geeks in your house, or just a smart-ass teenager I highly recommend listening to this book with them.   (updated: We really enjoyed the movie as well, but as usual, there is much more in the book, so make sure you read – or listen to The Martian).