This week we started Unit 2 – the Big Bang. The kids were told to watch the video, How Did Our  View of the Universe Change on the Big History website and I recommended some Brainpop videos (Galileo, Newton and Big Bang). I also sent them the easier versions of the articles since we have 9 and 10 years old in the class.

We started class today with a presentation on Ptolemy, Copernicus, Bruno, Tycho  Brahae, Kepler, and Galileo.  Then we watched a few videos on youtube:


Then the kids put together a lift the flap thing for their notebooks (that’s my technical term) with all scientists we had discussed.  changing viewI made this up after looking at Dinah Zike’s Notebook Foldables.  That book comes with a cd full of templates but I ended up making my own table.  The kids had to match the name/photograph to the description of the person. And now that I look at the photo I see a typo, detailed observations, not details….

cosmic surveyThen the kids had to cut out photos of space objects and put them in order from smallest to largest and a second set in order from closest to Earth to furthest.  They seemed to have very little difficulty with this task. This is Activity H10, Cosmic Survey, that I got straight from the Universe at Your Fingertips DVD.  You can also find it on the web here.