San Diego ZooOfficially our school year started almost two weeks ago (according to the charter school), but the 10th grader was away at camp and unless we have our weekly science classes we really don’t feel like school has started yet.  Local schools started today and while the ‘regular’ kids had to go sit inside, mine were running around the San Diego Zoo with their dad…. I think that’s a much better way to start the school week.  The day before they were exploring the Midway Aircraft Carrier.

campingLast year we were camping, hiking, watching bats and enjoying amazing views of the Milky Way on the first day of school.  We had hoped to do that again this year, but the drought and hence the fire danger is so bad here in California, it just wasn’t worth the risk, hence the short trip to San Diego instead.

Tomorrow science class begins so I suppose I should go prepare for ‘school’.