So my kids watch a lot of youtube videos and I wonder if I should be telling them to cut back, but half the time their watching science videos!  They frequently come up to me at 11:30 pm to show me some cool video and say, “Can we do this?”  So out comes the milk, food coloring and dish soap and there we are doing science at midnight  There are lots of videos showing this experiment but Steve Spangler does it with all kinds of milk, but my kids usually bring me the CrazyRussianHacker videos.

Another one we ended up doing involved ordering a ball chain – but this is sooo much fun to play with.

We made our own video, though you might want to skip to 17 seconds in… and we need more chain!

This past week you may have seen this video about ‘holograms’ on your iPhone… well once again my son showed me this around midnight, so the next day we scaled it up a bit and used an iPad instead with pretty amazing results.

Here’s our version:

It looks like a bad link, but if you click on it, it will play the video.