simplemindLast year, one of my students did a presentation using a mind map – I hadn’t really seen them before and I loved it.  I downloaded an app that would let me make mind maps on my iPad, SimpleMind+ and of course the first thing I did was make one for each boy and his school work.   Here are the plans I have for this coming school year that I made in the SimpleMind+ app.

10th mindmap IMG_3332The 7th grader is going to use Big History as his science and his history, while its going to only going to count as history for the 10th grader since he’s already doing Physics.  It looks like a lot of English for the 10th grader, but the writing with skill and penmanship is stuff we’l just do once in a while, the main thing he’s going to be doing is reading mythology from the Mythology Untextbook website and listening to a Great Course, Myths in Human History.  Python is thrown in there because we’l be doing some modeling for the physics class and he requested it.   We used to take Japanese together but the 7th grader had had enough and decided he wanted to learn Latin, which is probably a good choice since he’s interested in the history of language and linguistics.  The Visual Latin was on sale at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op so I got that for him since I’ve never studied Latin.  He did the Excavating English curriculum last year, which was pretty good – I learned quite a bit.