Here are some books for elementary kids that my kids liked and we still have on our shelves because they won’t let me get rid of them!

1. millions to measure Millions to Measure by David M. Schwartz, pictures by Steven Kellogg.  The also did a book called How Much is a Million which is worth  having as well.  These books try to give the reader a feel for big numbers and how to measure them.   Both the author and the illustrator have done lots of great books, which you can usually find in your local library.

science verse2.  Science Verse by Jon Scieszka.  We went through a period when my kids LOVED everything this author put out.  His humor can be a little off kilter but I think that’s why my kids and I enjoy his books so much.  The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales is another favorite but not really science related, its making fun of the Gingerbread Man story among others.  My older son also read all the authors Time Warp Trio books and we watched all the cartoons – they were great.  The time warp trio are three kids who have a book that  takes them back in time and they have to find the book so they can get back to the present, this usually involves interacting with famous historical figures or events.  Its a great series for learning some history in an entertaining way. Some of the books are even available as graphic novels.

Magic School bus3.  Magic School Bus… any of them!  These books are full of great science and all the cartoons are now on Netflix instant!  I read these aloud to my kids and one of my kids re-read them over and over again, so they’re worth buying if you can.  I bought a set of them off eBay and would find them at Scholastic book fairs. Most libraries have at ms frizzleleast some of them as well.  As your kid’s reading level improves they have chapter books,  but we never got into them as much as the picture books.  There are some history books with the Magic School Bus, called Ms Frizzles Adventures which are also excellent.  Ms Frizzle’s Adventures: Medieval Castle was my younger son’s favorite.  He loved the cut away view of the castle.