horrible-historiesOk, so this isn’t science, but my boys and I love these books and the BBC series based on them.  Think Monty Python doing education television.  They used to be available on Youtube but most of them gotten taken down.  If you search you’l find a few, but its getting harder.  Here’s one channel that has still seems to have some. horrible-histories-bbcMake sure you check out the music videos.  The books are mostly European history with the nasty bits left in as they put it – perfect for kids who enjoy reading about the gross details of history.  My boys used to read these as their ‘fun’ reading, just to give you an idea of how entertaining they are.  I’ve bought just about all the books from Horrible Ray at horriblebooks.com, his prices are hard to beat. I believe he also sells the dvd sets for the TV series.

stunning scienceThere are some Horrible Science books as well but my boys never got into those as much as the history books, with one exception, The Stunning Science of Everything. I read this out loud to my kids when they were young and then my eldest read it himself a few times.