I’v been thinking about starting a website for a while and since my son has recently started his own Spark Movie Reviews, I figured it was time to give it a try.  My main reason for having this website is to share SECULAR homeschool information, science related stuff in particular.  I was a physics professor when my first child was born so teaching science has something I’v been doing a long time.

REAL Science OdysseyWhen I first started homeschooling I found the lack of secular science curriculum very depressing.  For younger kids there is still only one curriculum I highly recommend, and that’s R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey by Pandia Press.  They have a great try before you buy option so you can try a very generous portion of the curriculum before buying it.  They usually have pretty good sales a few times a year as well.  I’v used the Life and Earth Science curriculum with my kids and in small  classes of homeschoolers.  I really like that they don’t talk down to kids and its a very hands on curriculum.  I just wish they could have gotten out the level 2 books a bit faster before my kids out grew them.   The Biology Level 2 is the only one out so far and I used it last year in my homeschool science class for 8-12 year olds.

Starfish dissection
Starfish dissection

It went pretty well but we do so much science in this house that I had to supplement some of the labs because we’d already done the ones in the book.  We added a lot of dissections, which most of the kids really found interesting.

I also highly recommend Magic School Bus books and cartoons, which are on Netflix I believe,  for the younger crowd. Bill Nye the Science Guy videos can be found on youtube and they’re a big hit with kids.  A subscription to Brainpop is a must. They have great animated videos on science, history, grammar, cyber bullying, music, art, just about everything. They also have activities and games.  We’ve had a subscription for over 5 years.   You can also watch the videos on your iPad with their app. Brainpop